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How to move a directory from one git repo to another (or new) without losing history

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·Nov 24, 2021·

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Make copy of repo git clone dirtySourceRepo newSourceRepo

OR clone from actual git repo and prevent push git remote set-url --push origin no_push

  • Make sure to checkout the correct branch before the next step.

  • Cloning from another local directory allows you to easily start over if you make a mistake and also prevents you from accidentally pushing upstream.

use to filter down to the folder you actually care about git filter-repo --subdirect-filter /subdirectory/I/want/to/extract --to-subdirectory-filter the/new/folder/I/want/it/in This moves the subdirectory to the root of your repo. You can use different variations of this if you want to. You can omit --to-subdirectory-filter if you want the contents of the folder to be in the root of the repo.

In destination repo (which can be a new empty repo or an existing one), set a new remote to the freshly filtered source repo. git remote add source ../newSourceRepo

Make a new branch to put the stuff into git checkout -b newBranch

Then pull in the content from the source repo: git pull source master --allow-unrelated-histories

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